Për të qenë pjesë e Programit Discover America Work and Travel ju duhet që paraprakisht të parakualifikoheni në zyren e Discover America! - Edhe ju mund të jeni pjesë e Discover America Work and Travel WAT 2023! Klikoni në VIDEO dhe pastaj në TUTORIALS për tu njoftuar për procesin e aplikimit.    Studentë, ju do të keni në dispozicion të zgjidhni punën në njëren nga 77 Kompanitë Amerikane të cilët do të punësojnë Student nga Kosova për Verën 2023. Studentët e parë do të kenë mundësin të zgjedhin të parët. Është mirë të jesh ndër të parët, apo jo!    Aplikimi për Programin Work and Travel 2023 fillon me 5 Shtator. Studentë ejani në zyren e Discover America në Prishtinë të parakualifikoheni në Program, punoni dhe përjetojni jetën dhe kulturën amerikane gjatë verës 2023! Suksese nga DA    NËSE JENI ME SHOKË/SHOQE JU MUND TË PUNONI TEK PUNËDHËNËSI I NJËTË, OSE NËSE JENI VETË NE MEGJITHATË DO TË JU BËJM SË BASHKU ME STUDENT TJERË. SHUMË SUKSESE!

Work & Travel

What is Work & Travel USA?

Work & Travel USA is a Cultural Exchange Program which gives students from all over the world a chance to participate and spend a summer in the USA. This program can start from mid-May until the end of September, giving you the possibility to work for four months and after travel for 30 days as a tourist.

Can I Participate?
  • You should be a Student attending the academic year 2022/2023
  • Be between 18 and 22/23, for medical students up to 25/26 years old
  • Speak Intermediate level English

If you fulfill the above requirements CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Why Participate?
  • To gain experience in an international company while working with an international team
  • For the chance to experience the rights and privileges enjoyed by American society members
  • A great way to build business relationships with foreign partners and to find individuals with specialized knowledge or interest in investments
  • To achieve independence and flexibility as you experience unusual and different situations
  • To receive valuable real-life experience while abroad
  • To learn and practice English on a higher level
  • To absorb What’s New This Season cultures and develop What’s New This Season perspectives

What documents are required to apply?

You will receive a detailed list of all required documents from Discover America.

  • CIEE Application form
  • Two passport-size photos (smiling)
  • Student transcript
  • One copy of your identity card

How much will it cost?

Discover America offers two Work and Travel Programs:

  • Self Arranged – We arrange all the paperwork and you will have to find a Job Offer by yourself.
  • Arranged – GOLD: We arrange all the paperwork and we find you a Job Place.

What is Included in my Package?
  1. DS Form 2019 is issued from a sponsor in the USA which allows you to work legally for four months.
  2. Secured job place
  3. Health Insurance covers all the emergency medical expenses while in the USA.
  4. Orientation before leaving your home country or after arriving.
  5. Assisting in completing the documentation for the U.S embassy.
  6. 24 hours – toll-free line, for assistance.

What is not included?
  1. Plane Ticket
  2. Sevis ( US government fee ) of 35 USD
  3. Visa fee for US embassy.

What Can I Work?

As a work and Travel participant you are not allowed to work in the field of nursing, babysitting, kinder gardens, aircraft crew, or on the ship, you can work almost everything else. International students mostly can be seen working in the hotel industry as front desk assistants, in maintenance, and housekeeping, in the entertainment and restaurant industries as a cook, waiters, busboys, hostesses, and in grocery stores as a cashier, and as different clerks in different departments. On the beaches or inside and outside pools as a lifeguard and a lot of other interesting jobs.

How can I get enrolled?

The first step is to visit the office of Discover America to fill out an application and administer the English test.