Culture guide USA – September

Culture Guide USA – September

September signals the end of summer and beginning of fall. In America, September also means it’s time for kids to go back to school, and for the return of fall favorites like football and apple picking. Join us and learn more.


Celebrating Labor Day

celebratinglaborday200x113This is a Monday to look forward to! On the first Monday of September, businesses and schools close as Americans celebrate Labor Day.The first Labor Day took place in 1882 in New York City when many labor unions joined forces to celebrate workingmen in the city. The idea quickly spread throughout the country. In 1894, President Grover Cleveland named Labor Day a national holiday.Labor Day also marks the unofficial end of summer. Some communities hold parades and festivals, and families and friends often gather for barbecues or picnics. Make sure to check out the activities happening in your area.


It’s Not Fall without Football

itsnotfallwithoutfootball200x113In most of the world, football is a sport where players use their feet to kick a round ball into the opposing team’s net. American football is completely different. The ball is oval-shaped and there’s a lot of contact as players tackle each other, trying to stop the other team from passing or running the ball to the end of the field and scoring a touchdown. Watch these video clips of incredible moments in American football, and you’ll get a sense of the game. In America, football is played by young kids, high school and college teams, and professionals in the National Football League (NFL). The NFL features 32 teams, all hoping to make the championship game called the Super Bowl at the end of the season. The day:18 Super Bowl was the most-watched TV event in U.S. history. Most NFL football games are played on Sundays, so don’t be surprised to see Americans wearing their team jerseys and gathering around the TV with family and friends to cheer for their teams. This Sunday ritual often includes eating chicken wings, chili, nachos, and more. Get in on the fun!


Apples in America

applesinamerica200x113Picking apples is a tradition in September, when apple trees are ripe with the crisp, sweet fruit. European settlers brought apples to America in the 1600s. John Chapman, often called Johnny Appleseed, made them popular. In the 1700s, Chapman traveled around America, planting apple seeds and introducing the fruit to people in different states. VIDEO TESTIMONIALS list of great orchards and plan an apple-picking adventure. Spend an afternoon searching for the tastiest varieties. They’re great right off the tree, or bring them home and enjoy them in one of these recipes. Apple pie was not first invented in the United States, but it’s certainly a favorite American dessert.


President’s Park

presidentspark200x113President’s Park in Washington, D.C., is the home of the White House, where the U.S. president lives. America’s first president, George Washington, chose the site for the White House in 1791, and the home was built between 1792 and 1800. It was burned down by British soldiers during the War of 1812. President James Monroe moved into the rebuilt White House in 1817, while it was still under construction. The house, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, has been renovated several times since then and includes 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 28 fireplaces, eight staircases, and three elevators! If you’d like to visit the White House, check the tour schedule here. President’s Park also includes Lafayette Square and The Ellipse, both open to the public. Lafayette Square is named for Marquis de La Fayette of France who fought in the American Revolution. The square features a statue President Andrew Jackson, as well as four Revolutionary War heroes from other countries. The Ellipse park also holds a number of monuments and memorials. Some of these include First Division Monument, the Boy Scout Memorial, and the Butt-Millet Memorial. Historic and beautiful, President’s Park is well worth a visit.

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