What is “Internship USA”?

“Professional career training USA” is an international program for exchange of young specialists. The American government approves the program. This is a great chance for students or specialists:

  • For students or graduated Economists / all specialties/
  • For students or graduated in the tourism domain
  • If you are a student or you have graduated in another domain we will make an inquiry to our American partners for available positions appropriate for you
  • If you have experience in the tourism domain but you don’t have university degree, you have also the chance to participate in the program. You have to present very strong motivation for your future development in the domain.

The program is 6-18 months long, mostly 12 months long. If you want to take your family with you, this is practically possible. The partner can candidate for company-visa without the right to work.

The training may be in every part of the USA. The exact location you will receive with the offer of the company that agrees to hire you.

Who can participate?

You have the possibility to participate in the program in USA if you correspond to the requirements below:

  • Age-limit: 34
  • To be a student over the 3rd year or to have university degree
  • The experience in the domain is priority
  • Good English: there will be a telephone interview with your potential employer. In the process of working you will need good English
  • To be physically and psychically healthy
  • And the most important thing – to have desire to fit in the American society and to receive priceless experience of the best in the management!

Application documents

You will receive detailed consultation and example form for all documents so you will prepare them easy and quick.

  • CV on English according American standards. It is necessary to pay a specially attention to the education and work experience
  • Cover letter- reasonable letter or essay with a detailed information for yours causes for participating
  • Two recommendations from employers or one teacher with descriptions for your personal characteristics connected with education and work experience
  • University Diploma if you have graduated or your Transcript

Step by step application
  • I merrni te gjitha informatat per programin
  • Filloni te kerkoni Internship / oferte per pune
  • E gjeni punen
  • E sjellni ne zyret e Discover America letren / kontraten nga punedhenesi ne Amerike qe eshte ne pajtim te ju punesoj
  • Kandidoni per Career Training Program
  • Pritni tre dite te biznesit per verifikim dhe rishikim te aplikimit tuaj.
  • I dorezoni te gjitha dokumenat e duhura per DS2019 (Lejen per te punuar ne SHBA) dhe paguani shumen e duhur
  • E beni rezervimin e biletes se aeroplanit
  • DS 2019 do te kete ardhur nga SHBA
  • Kandidoni per J1 Vize
  • E bleni bileten
  • E Merrni Good-bye package, me instrukcionet per qendrimin tuaj ne SHBA, karten e Sigurimit, etj.
  • Udhetoni per Amerike
  • Punoni per kohen e caktuar
  • Ktheheni ne Kosove mbasi qe ju ka mbaruar programi.
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